Conveyancer or Property Solicitor

A conveyancer can be either a conveyancing solicitor or a legal conveyancer, both of which are specialists in property law and can assist you from start to finish with your conveyancing transaction.

A conveyancer, although qualified in property law is NOT a solicitor and should any other matters come up during your conveyancing transaction then the conveyancer may not be able to advice or assist you, which in turn may lead to increased legal costs, therefore you need to compare and find conveyancing quotes.

A conveyancer will deal with ONLY the transfers of legal title and registration of legal charges over property e.g. a remortgage; however a conveyancer is not family with other areas of law, which may be come relevant to you throughout the transaction even though they were not an issue at the onset.

If you instruct a property solicitor then they are legal specialists and will have a basic knowledge of many other areas of law so if for example you wish to create a will to deal with your property in the event of your death then they can advise you accordingly and if they cannot assist you then a larger firm may have a department which can.

Keeping matters with the same firm will ensure that the transaction runs smoothly. Also, it is often the case with a conveyancer that they operate in large firms, which consist of many advisors who whilst trained on the basics cannot assist you with more complex matters.

This is something worth bearing in mind before you instruct any firm, be it a solicitor of legal conveyancer in your sale or purchase with cheap conveyancing quotes.

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